Locals for Lakes is a Minnesota based organization. We hold fundraising events to raise awareness and educate Minnesotans about the issues surrounding our precious lakes.  It is our objective to bring individuals of all kinds together under one roof to connect, brainstorm, discuss and plan ways to preserve the beauty that is one of Minnesota’s greatest natural resources.

A side benefit of our project is the promotion of local artists, musicians, organizations, entrepreneurs and the many other talented individuals Minnesota has to offer; we believe in the power of numbers.  Our events will be a great way to learn about what is happening in the twin cities and connect with those leading the way.

Don’t Be So Invasive…The Aquatic Invasive Species Project

What a success!  We want to thank everybody who participated, volunteered, donated and attended our event on May 9th.  With the help of all of YOU, we raised over $3,000 for Conservation Minnesota!  We couldn’t have done it without all your generous donations and time.  A special thanks to Darby Nelson for his passionate and informative presentation, Cameron Asao for his brilliant art, design work and positivity throughout the planning process, Jason Landstrom and crew from Tonka Brewery for their generous contribution and providing delicious beer samples, Julia Van Avery and Paul Austin from Conservation Minnesota for everything!, and Jessica Dill and the crew from The Local for setting the scene.   We were truly moved by the participation, conversation and overall positive feedback from everybody.  Minnesota is an inspiring state!  Thank you, Than you, Thank you!!

With that, we are in the process of planning our 2nd installment for next year and have some great ideas for the summer.  If you have any more feedback, ideas, want to be a part of our summer plans or just want to connect please reach out (dub.finn@gmail.com)!  We need all the help we can get!!

And stay tuned to our site.  Our activity will be updated on a daily to weekly basis.


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